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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 14, 2013 4:00am-6:01am PST

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top stories we are following on this thursday. as relief aid continues to pour in for typhoon victims in the philippines. the bay area ramps up its efforts to help the tens of thousands in need. and telsa back in the news again. this time for an industrial
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accident involving workers at it's fremont plant. ifstate investigators are now involved. we'll hear from c-e-o elon musk. let's begin, though, with what's happening right now on this thursday, november 14th. police in walnut creek are preparing to clear out what
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remains of three small homeless encampments in the city's downtown area. the encampments are located in the areas of south california boulevard and newell avenue. and near south main street and lilac drive. they've grown in size in recent months -- and so have the number of police complaints about thefts. assaults. and aggressive panhandling. the people who live in those camps will be connected with shelters and other support services. also happening today. the first team of nurses from the registered nurse response network will be heading from s-f-o to manila tonight to help with relief efforts from typhoon haiyan. this team consist of registered nurses with personal and organizational ties in the philippines
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will initially meet with local nurses, doctors, healthcare professionals and disaster relief organizations. they will also set the groundwork for the next groups of volunteers to go, as well as joining if possible in direct medical
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his support. a community march is happening today in oakland to support sasha fleischman, on fire on an a- c transit bus. police say the incident was a hate crime attack. the oakland education association is promoting the march which will begin at five-thirty p-m at
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oakland high school. it will end at ardley avenue. avenue. mto those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. officials say there was a failure in a low pressure aluminum casting press. the three workers injured by hot metal from that press. tesla c-e-o elon musk visited the workers in the hospital and explained what happened. cal-osha is now investigating the accident at the plant.
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according to the san francisco chronicle, one of the workers has been discharged. there's no word on conditions of the other two.
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zçzçzçtó obamacare enrollment numbers missed the administration's target in october, but some supporters are highlighting the positives over what has been a problem-plagued website. andrew spencer reports another problem also has lawmakers dealing with pressure from their constituents. >>: and folks are getting a 6 percent error rate and now we are down to 1%. but she says the president is also working on keeping his promise. >>: if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. >>: many feel pressured by
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their constituents to vote yes on a republican measure that would allow people to keep their current policies. in california alone of more than 1 million people received policy termination letters. the republican party compare that with low enrollment rates. >>: this is the problem. any of these numbers pale in comparison with the millions of americans who are receiving these and cancellation notices. >>: testifying before a house committee the house chief technology officer couldn't promise the website problems would be fixed by the end of the month. despite the improvements in health care died of is running at about half its intended capacity. i'm andrew spencer reporting. >>james:hackers have tried more than a dozen times to take control of the
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healthcare-dot-gov website. the good news is -- none of the cyber attacks have been successful, according to homeland security officials. an "ethical hacker" has been hired to try to find holes in the system and close them. many americans have expressed fear that their personal information could be accessed if they registered on the website. remember stay with kron-4 for the latest on the typhoon relief effort. we have pictures and ways you can help on our web site. kron four dot com. you can also get the latest
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headlines on our free kron 4 news app.
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♪ ♪ welcome to aulani. it's hawaii with a touch of disney magic. ♪ six days after super tie from--typhoon haiyan slammed into the philippines. more aid is getting to those who need it. but not enough. and not quickly enough. as a hunter and desperation grow, so does the threat of violence.
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looting is a growing problem. security forces patrol the streets and in tacloban. outside the city, eight people were killed when a wall collapsed during a stampede at a government food warehouse. cnn's and popcorn reports. --anna coren. security forces patrol the streets. outside the city. eight people were killed when a wall collapsed during a stampede at a government food warehouse. police stood by as people storm then taking 100,000 looking as a growing problem. even children see it all around them. >>: everyone instilling from stores and they're taking food and furniture.
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>>: the u.n. emergency aid chief acknowledges relief efforts have been far too slow. but that's beginning to change. >>: the disaster relief operation as more supplies are sent in to the disasters of survivorsterror of when the n hit. this 53 year-old woman huddled with her 16 year-old daughter and elderly father but when the storm surge hit she could not save them. >>: i lost my daughter. my 16 year-old i told her during the evacuation go. go live-judge believe me but she said no, i cannot leave
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you. >>james: the red cross and other organized asians are urging the public to make financial contributions. this is the clothes and toys and other supplies may very well just pile up. and they could already hurt the economy. the red cross as their agency and others are buying the goods and the philippines to help the local economy there. they are asking for that. if you like to find more ways you can help cut our web site kron4 dot com. we not only have the latest on the typhoon and relief efforts for more news stories of videos and pitchers and links on how you can help to reputable website that are helping out to the people there. and don't forget to download our kron4 mobile app. a great way to get updates. at 480 let's find out about the forecast. it is thursday and so far it's
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a little foggy in the city. >>erica: we are dealing with a shadow-a shallow marine layer. it impacting the bay. we are looking up to clear conditions inland. a fog advisory is in effect for the san francisco bay because of the cloud cover temperatures are actually mild running into upper 40's and low '50's. we should see clear conditions by lunch time but it will be cooler afternoon. it wanted the high temperatures we saw yesterday. in fact, mountain view tighten old record for its warmth yesterday. so temperatures today will be cooler with upper 50s along the coast 60s inside the bay and only low seventies for some of the warmer spots. here's a look at your visibility chart. just pretense of a mile for and about zero and at all. sfo oakland looking pretty good so we do have
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some areas of fog in hayward, redwood city and pretty thick fog along the coast line right now and then out of half moon bay. fog tracker 4 shows we will continue with this extensive cloud cover and the 6:00 hour to take a look at nine. by the time that fog advisory expires, look psychotic conditions inside the bay and along the coast line so we will see things clear up as we head into the afternoon. speaking of wins that will pickup i think mainly as a coastal defense. 60s and '70s and the south bay expected. 69 in santa clara. the east bay we go, plenty of low '70s here. concord 70 but remember river in the upper 70's yesterday. 71 degrees in walnut creek. downtown san francisco checking and with a high of 64. i think was a good mixing of 60s and low 70's north of the golden gate. in terms of what on tap on satellite and radar beacon to the call coverage is really feeling man. high
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pressure will start to weaken over the next couple of days. in fact we are talking the potential for some rain drops as we head into the weekend. to some light rain expected for the coast. past that temperatures start to rebound looks like there's a slight disturbance in the atmosphere. we will continue to keep you posted overall we are looking at mostly sunny conditions and temperatures in a little warmer as for traffic around the bay area still keeping a close eye on this potential hot spot for those of you heading down the e shore freeway keep in mind westbound valley grid we have the first signs of a big rig accident that could be on its side. we do have a tow truck headed to the same. the senate should be at of the way shortly to get we could see big backups if this is an cleared up shortly for your east bayshore allied ride especially for those of you coming off of highway 4. that is something we will continue to monitor. kevin live crew headed to the
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same. bay bridge toll plaza no complaints here. traffic looks good of all of the approaches. san mateo bridge looks good as a worker went out of hayward and to foster city. drive time about 12 to 13 minutes. golden gate bridges very foggy so keep a safe distance between you and the cars in front of you and as a ticket to the traffic map, nimitz freeway looks good. and no signs of back up the 58680 interchange. and in the south bay mostly green on the center which does indicate speeds above 50 mi. per hour. james? >>james: erica thank-you .
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plus. watching wall street this
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two secret service supervisors on president obama security detail are under investigation after an incident this past spring at the hays adams hotel in washington d.c.. officials say the agent allegedly tried to get into the room of a woman he met at the hotel bar after realizing he left a bullet behind. the investigation also led to a routine search of his agency blackberry. sources confirms the supervisor and another were discovered to have sent sexually suggestive e-mail to a female employee. this comes after the secret service scandal in april of 2012 involving prostitution and drinking at columbia before presidential trip.
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a federal report is suggesting that 80 as a program to screen suspicious behavior of passengers at airports is not yet been proven effective. the government accountability office said its investigation found that the results of the tea as a program called screening of passengers by observations techniques were " no better than chance. " under the program, agents identify suspicious looking people and talk to them to determine whether they are a threat. the program has cost almost $1 billion since 2007. the woman who became famous for having her face on the obama care website has come forward. her identity has been a mystery until now. she is identified by her first name only "adriana" four weeks, but,
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she was the face of the health-care giant of website and then suddenly her picture manage. all chris in the home page she was the target of scathing comments to assess the crow and so far what's making her come forward. major asset in order to get free family photographs taken, the release amount pictures to be used on the help her dog of website. what is eligible for obama care, she has not yet signed up and says she neither favors nor opposes it. bay south dakota mother is receiving both praise and criticism after saying that kids being bullied should toughen up. her name is stephanie metz, she posted a block titled " what my kids are not the center of my
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world. " in it, she says it's not the job of the parents to be their children's friends and that kids need to do with some she says while she doesn't support violence, she also doesn't think parents should let their kids should download someone is mean to them.
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this reminds me of the iron man and directed with his how the graeme interface. when he controlled by grabbing things and swiping things in the air. that is what i tree is tried to do with high-tech prototype glasses. it's called itouch in error. one of the first see-through displays and airtouch and put technology for computers. it can also be used with wearable computers and mobile devices allowing users hands to be free of any physical devices. google glass is controlled by voice command or by touching sensors or buttons built into the device. the idea of these glasses is to offer more privacy. no voice command. the glasses project a private virtual display in front of the user. that's the airtouch canvas. the floating keyboard mouse or touch panel. the built-in camera scans their records
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and put in the airtouch interface relates input from the camera to the eye glasses this plan a response to the user. i witnessed an in person demo. this guy was flipping through pictures with eased just touching air. as a further test that there were actually doing something with these glasses. i have them call my cell phone through skied on the computer. the glasses were seen to with 3 here's he's dialing my number by touching the air. it worked. it was an impressive demo. i tried the glasses myself. you can see the real world behind a virtual display. it's kind of a blending of virtual and real world. he certainly would not want to walk or drive with these. this is when you will want to focus computing print these glasses were just a prototype and is said by next year there will be much smaller and sleeker. wireless and roughly the size of regular sunglasses. gabe slate kron 4 news. >>james: 429 on the clock. still ahead, the bay area
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comes together to honor and reflect for those affected by the typhoon. and the reflect for those affected by the typhoon. and the pto those who've worried... suffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at
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>>james: happening right now. on this thursday november 14th. power lines are down in hayward after a van hit a pole. kron4's will tran is on the scene with margaret will >>will: the reason why is this man slammed into a power palled around one- third in the morning and pg&e trucks will be corporate. we will soloman. this is worthy
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>>: slammed into the power pole. fortunately, because he broke above all, it instantly triggered a turning off mechanism so he was electrocuted but apparently he fled from the scene. possible dui. he was arrested later print 6000 people lost their power from this hits. they restored power to most of those people. but at this time for other people are still in the dark they expect to restore maybe 390 of those people over the next several hours. and the remaining 15 are 20 will be into the afternoon. here's something that's an unrelated problem and has became a problem here. the reason why is we are sitting and the costco parking lot. you know exactly where costco is off 880 and age st if you live around here grid into these low hanging wires. costco is
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on a very tight schedule. they have the leverage to make and he says they have dozens of semi trucks ready to pull out of this location but right now they can't because this is the only way he could leave from this location. they are fearful of being electrocuted. in fact the reason why we are standing here and not even closer to the scene is because they say you don't want to stand under these wires. back to you james 3 >>darya: thanks a lot will. of course we will update you with that story throughout the morning. if we also want to find out about the weather. erica has a look at the forecast for the rest of the week. >>erica: as a james. take a look at the golden gate bridge. we are stocked and with fog. we are looking at a dense fog advisory for the san francisco bay with visibility less than three tenths of a mile. you'll notice you could barely make out some of the cars making their way out of san francisco. yes we have some dense fog but that advisory is expected to lift at 9:00
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this morning. take a look at your visibility chart for the less than three tenths of a mile for most locations north of the golden gate bridge. particularly that of the valley's right now. to 1 1/2 miles in half moon bay. 7 for redwood city. as we take a look at what's on tap for the adviser reprieve visibility down to less than a quarter of a mile per if you are advised to drive carefully print it out of that fog will start to mix out by 9:00 this morning and the remaining low clouds will disappear for the rest of the morning. as for temperatures right now. thanks to the cloud cover we are running on the mild side 3 nap before the 7355 o oaklandg it down your afternoon highs starting in the east bay. the east bay interior spots is the only place not impacted by the fog and buys a reprieve expect mostly sunny conditions in the will '70s through the san ramon valley. along the waterfront
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to notice oakland at a high of 68. it's going to be a pretty mild day and the south bay. definitely cooler 78 and cupertino for it will see temperatures made in the '60s. temperatures for the most part in the upper 60s print here's a look at satellite and radar. you could see clouds bushing into the bay. a dry cold front will impact northern california later on today and that will increase our wins. we're talking pretty gusty conditions so there is some potential we could see some elevated concerns for fire danger. as we had to tomorrow when the conditions for it will wake up to a pretty chilly friday morning and looks like sprinkles back in the forecast for saturday but that's mainly along the coast. in terms of your extended forecast a 7 day around the bay, you will notice temperatures continued to slide as we
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head into the weekend. we will see a little bit of a rebound starting at the beginning of next week. sunshine for tuesday, could see some sprinkles for the north bay to keep that in mind. the umbrellas will be necessary at least for the next couple of days. more details on your extended forecast coming up in a few minutes. right now i do want to take a look at traffic. and the westbound direction of eye 80 at pinole valley road, a big rig has tipped over on its side. now the chp and emergency crews have the slow lane currently blocked off with square pattern so we aren't seeing huge delays just yet because traffic is still light in the area thanks to the time but if this is a corrected shortly we will start to see some big backups not only for the upper portion of the e shore freeway but for folks who use highway 4. this could actually help the bay bridge traffic later on.
4:38 am
. a tow truck has been called. we are sending a live crew on the scene. as for the rest of the bay area. . no problems getting to the san mateo bridge coming down the nimitz freeway. golden gate you are dealing with some hours of pretty dense fog so certainly watchers speed. a quick note on public transit. it looks like bart is experiencing 15 minutes delays in daly city on the east bound east bay direction. the lin
4:39 am
>>james: the tragic numbers continue to rise from typhoon haiyan and the philippines. according to the philippine national risk reduction and management council, more than 23 other people are dead. just under 3900 are injured. as 77 people are still missing after the typhoon hit the country this past weekend. hundreds of thousands of others are lining up for food, water and supplies. which are coming in from all across the world for it will take a quick break and a quick reminder to grid if you want to follow the latest coverage of thai phone0--typhoon haiyan, we have links the videos and photos as well. here's a live look outside. we have a shot here from kron4's jackie cecil showing the situation and the south bay on the rolls. all in all not too bad here but we do have that overturned big rig on
4:40 am
interstate 80 westbound and here is that live shot this morning. this is just off pinole valley road. we will have more on this story as it continues to develop.
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archie wall street this morning. macy's is giving the stock market some early holiday cheer. stock indexes climbed back into record territory yesterday after the department store chain gave an optimistic forecast for holiday sales. futures trading right now sitting mixed across the board. the dow rose 70 points. the nasdaq added 45. and the s and p 500 added
4:43 am
14. opening bell today at 6:30. in a story you will only see on kron 4. a restaurant owner says he was duped after paying his p-g&e bill online, then getting a strange call from the company saying his payment was never received. he tells kron 4's alecia reid. he had good reason to believe the call, but, after finding out the truth -- he is now warning -- you could be tricked too. >>: you want to make sure you're donating to the rights group. the better business bureau remind to those who want to help those abroad alike and the philippines to choose a charity that is experienced and international relief efforts. a start of the group may have the best of intentions but for situations like the typhoons aftermath may not have the infrastructure to carry out distribution of so many would prefer cash donation grid is also crucial to do some homework to find out what a charity really needs and wants unless they specifically cite items like clothing,
4:44 am
don't send them. in social media has become a popular fossil to drum up donations. for consumer watch i'm karen >>james: 444 is the time. we will return with a full complete check of traffic at weather as we take a live look outside. our camera along 68 installing and easy ride but we are problems on the westbound 83 and overturned a big rig. erica will have details coming up.
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for 46 on the clock. in a store you only see on kron4. a restaurant owner says he was duped after paying his pg&e bill online digging a trench crawford the company saying his payment was never received. he tells kron4's a wii to read he had good reason to believe the call but after finding out the
4:47 am
truth is now warning you could be tricked into. >>: they told me that the account number the name of the restaurant to the address of the restaurant. of >>: and the acquisition was out. what can to the nearest 711 where he bought two cars that cards. one for 500 and the other for $277. the pg&e called him several times to make sure he purchased. at the rep 1810 numbers and asked for another payment street san a technician was still on the way to shut the lights. mahomet talk the rep down to 300 and once he brought to the last part he dialed pg&e is a main line. >>: someone said hold on and in less than a minute and
4:48 am
said this amount it is all yours. >>: but there's no record of pg&e getting that money mahmud the next day i called pg&e and they said we don't know anything about that. >>: muhammed plans to file a report with the police department. meanwhile a rap from pg&e says they have had calls from customers like this. this a pg&e reps and never asked for immediate payment with a prepaid cash card and they never ask for personal information or a credit card number over the fall for it reporting and oakland, police your read kron 4 news. >>james: let's start with the weather and forecast. and traffic. >>erica: we have some areas of dense fog. primarily in
4:49 am
the north bay and take a look at the coast lines. we do have a dense fog advisory in effect until nine this morning you know this year on fog tracker 4 by 6:00 still dealing with extensive cloud cover. an lot of that starts to live as we haven't to nine this morning and that's when the advisory expires. we will start to see '70s developed for
4:50 am
concord and pleasanton but oakland stand in the upper 60s. now satellite and radar shows that deepening rain layer should remain and to the bay area 3 and later on this afternoon a dry cold front will slide and to california. we are looking at the elevated concern for fire danger. expect a pretty chilly morning. potentially some showers for the coast line as we went up saturday morning. past that looks like we return to cooler conditions. temperatures seem to warm here's a live shot from kron4's jackies disagree if nancy is a big rig overturned on its side. we have emergency crews a tow truck of the same. looks like we do have a flare pattern set up and have a blocking the slow line. traffic actually looking
4:51 am
pretty slick passing the scene of the crash. there is no estimated time of when the lines are expected to open we did see just a chance of slowing just past the scene of the crash. really am concerned that if this is a move about. this will affect traffic on the upper e shore freeway. there is no estimated time of when these lines are expected to reopen so if this is your commute ally yourself a lot of extra time. the rest of the bay area looking pretty good remember looks like traffic could be affected for interstate 80. right now is a very quiet for those of you coming from the nimitz freeway. we have osama dense
4:52 am
fog care keep a safe distance from you and the cars in front of you. where are paying close attention to westbound 580 started to pick up some slowing through the on altamont pass. the result in recent swarm of small earthquakes and san ramon has an asking whether a bigger quake is on the way. the latest happened yesterday afternoon and
4:53 am
magnitude 2.4 quake hit the area. this just hours after a magnitude 3.3 hit yesterday morning. the quakes are centered near the kron canyon country club at kron canyon road and el capt. drive. experts say san ramon valley show the dozens of earthquakes recorded from november of 2002 to march of 2003, the largest a magnitude 4.2 per it but they're not sure why it's happening. geologists say they did not know when the next big one will happen but they are telling everyone to just be prepared. new university of california president, janet napolitano has proposed a tuition freeze during the next academic. she says the university should freeze tuition while pursuing a new
4:54 am
policy to keep students costs down. she argues a uc education should be more accessible to a wider range of students. if approved, it would be the third consecutive year of tuition freezes. two women that have been charged with stealing the identities of breast cancer patients in santa clara county. santa clara police found several sheets of paper containing the names of women all born the same year authorities later discovered or breast cancer patients at sutter health alta bates summit medical center in oakland. police were tipped off to the pier when they checked into the avatar hotel with fraudulent credit cards earlier this month. some of the stolen mail has been charged that judge return to the victims. you can see a big rig on its side on 83 it on the side of an embankment. and just to the left of the shot is interstate 80. this is in the commute direction.
4:55 am
kron4's jack is the soul is keeping an eye on the commute. we'll be right back. ♪
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with holiday magic in both parks, the happiest place on earth, just got merrier.
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top stories we're following this morning. a big rig accident could cause big delays for the morning commute. we'll have a live report coming up. top stories we are following this thursday november 14th. telsa back in the news
5:01 am
again. this time for an industrial accident involving workers at it's fremont plant. state investigators are now involved. we'll hear from c-e-o elon musk. a muni train-- takes off without an operator. how it all happened coming up. parents and students in edge after an intruder at el sobrante school. we'll explain why coming up following a developing story out of hayward this morning.
5:02 am
power lines are down after a van hit a pole on hathway near "a" street. kron four's will tran is live at the scene with an update, will?
5:03 am
5:04 am
>>will: and happened about 4 1/2 hours ago and pg&e crews are still there. they expected the year well into the afternoon. here's what you need to know. four other people are still without power. you concede there is not a base here. they say was lucky for him that he did not leave his band at the time. but somehow he managed to escape the sand here. they believe it's a possible deal i case and he fled the scene. he got out and he was arrested a little bit later. initially 6000 people lost power. they got out here quickly restore the power to most of this. they expect most of the 400
5:05 am
remaining customers without power to have power and the next few hours or so perhaps for people live in this area of they know that costco is impacted by this because they have so many deliveries to make and i was told by one of the costco workers that dozens of trucks are now stranded at this location because this is their only exit from the building here. they expect 15 to 20 customers to not have power well until the afternoon. that's what they think this whole thing will be completely restored. other developing news this morning, three * tesla
5:06 am
employees suffered moderate to serious burns after an industrial accident happened at the tesla motors plant in fremont. kron four's mike pelton is live at the santa clara valley medical center with an update this morning. mike? one of those employees has been treated and released from hospital. the other two are experiencing a burn injuries ranging from serious to moderate. later and the dates has led officials put out a statement saying there was an an aluminum low pressure grid and three of those were
5:07 am
burned. late last night tesla ceo the line must came for a visit and spoke with us about how men are doing. >>: is sort of just how metals last. looks like they should make a full recovery. in a case off hazels his hands were burned pretty badly assaulted not clear what the the recovery is going to be. >>: and the tesla ceo tells us that operations will continue at the fremont facility. at cal osha team visited the facility conducted some interviews and opened up an investigation. that could take up to six months to complete
5:08 am
parents at an east bay elementary school are on guard this week. after a mysterious man walked onto the campus and lied about why he was there. back on november 4th,this man walked into the main office at el sobrante christian school and said he was there to pickup a specific female student.
5:09 am
he asked for her by name, claimed to be her uncle and said that he was also waiting for the girl's mother. the man was issued a pass and he then wandered around the campus. he never spoke with the girl or made contact with any other students, and after several minutes he left. now the girl's mother is
5:10 am
voicing her concern. in addition to reviewing their security policy, the school is also looking to add more security cameras and putting in taller fences. the contra costa county the contra costa county sherifft's cora... t t's mina. let'throchrimas curvall. les doresh anwow anneveseenhat fore let'do 1 cou, ma it 00. les gethe asonoing les adthis ankeephis soe cahaveore thi tritio we jt ma somnew es. t's thi mo savg. moreoing at'she per o thhome depot. ade youligh and geup t$5 o thlate led. you got to love the weekend. it's like everyone came to, "if it's good, let's save it for the weekend."
5:11 am
so here's to the kfc ten buck weekend bucket. ten pieces, ten bucks. any recipe. just ten bucks every saturday and sunday. today tastes so good. panhandling. the people who live in those camps will be connected with shelters and other support services. ten homeless people and a nonprofit group sued the city of albany in a bid to block the city's plan to evict them from a former bayside landfill. the civil rights lawsuit is asking for a temporary injunction
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5:13 am
more earthquakes and the east bay. there was an earthquake and san ramon. it was centered right near the end creek canyon country club. then later in the afternoon there was a 2.4 quake and the exact same area. the san ramon valley is the earthquake swarmed country. according to
5:14 am
scientists at the ups you g u s g s. we asked them whether that meant another earthquake bigger one could be on the light. >>: in reality a cameraman and a time and probably produce close to a magnitude 7 per it >>james: official said the earthquake swarmed occurred in a very active area. they said the good thing is no one can productive so-judge predict saw how it plans. >>erica: and we're taking conditions at the golden gate bridge. we have a fog advisory and a fact. i will talk about when the fog is expected to lift when the kron4 morning news returns.
5:15 am
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update on our hot spots. >>george: that's right. it's on interstate 80 and the westbound direction right past highway 4 and just before pinole valley road this big rig sits on its side on the embankment. this is on the right side of the roadway so the right hand lane has been shut down in order to accommodate the emergency vehicles that are on seen here bridge the tow trucks are already there. and as we heard from kron4's jackie says of who is updating us from the same, the chp is somewhat optimistic they will be able to drag this big rig the down. my guess we will be looking at this for a while. as you can see by the ankle by which delays on the road shoulder, this doesn't look like something that can be dealt with easily. let's take a look at traffic backups as we switch over to the traffic maps and you will see that the ride here is already starting to back up. we will soon man a bit. here's our location. you can
5:19 am
see the yellow on the map indicating that the laser already present even while traffic is as light as it is. our normal commute time from hercules to berkeley would normally be 11 to 12 minutes is now up to 14 to 60 minutes. expect those drive times to continue to grow. now one benefit of all of this. we are likely to see a lighter than usual commute on the bay bridge as long as that accident since there because it will keep a lot of traffic from interstate 80 from reaching the bridge. so right now like conditions. on the san mateo bridge we expected to be pretty good as they are still bridge and 11 minute commute time. two of the light traffic for the southbound 101 ride. fog get out there. let's find out more about the weather. the cause of the weather center with their coverage >>erica: you bet. it's definitely fog get out there with visibility now down to zero. not seeing anything for your ride through no fault of. we are also seen
5:20 am
areas of dense fog for redwood city and mountain view. we do have a dense fog advisory until 9:00 this morning. by 9:00 we expect a lot of that fog to send out. the judge set out. thanks to the cloud cover, waking up to pretty mild conditions. 52 degrees in san francisco. 47 of the door in livermore. this to you on need a jacket. into the 6:00 hour still dealing with extensive cloud cover. by the time the fog advisory expires we would just be dealing with cold clouds along the coast line mainly. but later on this afternoon expect partly cloudy conditions. we're just talking about high clouds we will anticipate plenty of sunshine. as for temperatures today will be cooler than yesterday. yesterday, mountain view broke a record street today
5:21 am
will drop back down into the upper 60s. we will see low 70 sprinkled throughout the east bay. fairfield 73. 67 for castro valley. downtown san francisco. pretty chilly today with a high of 64. 60 degrees for ocean beach in looks like low seventies today for a santa rosa. you notice the marine layer really impacting the bay area on satellite and radar. they wanted a high pressure will start to weaken as a dry cold fronts and backs out and unpacks the northern california parade that will increase our wins. we are talking pretty tough to conditions especially for the hills and the coast. would not be surprised if the national weather service issues a when the advisory board of red flag warning slight chance for showers as we head into saturday. this is looking like makos believe that the priest i think the rest of us would just be impacted by the cloud cover. with luck we are back in the sunshine as we start the next work week.
5:22 am
a couple of models pointing to some light rain monday and tuesday and into the middle of next week temperatures are back at the low seventies for the warmest inland spots. >>mark: president obama stick to head the federal reserve has had a confirmation hearing will be watching at 7:00. she's a former president of the federal reserve bank in san francisco. and a slight protests from a few teeth party members in yellow and is largely expected to be confirmed as head of the central bank. if confirmed, she will replace a been a bernanke whose second term ends january 31st. --janet yellen.
5:23 am
>>darya: more than 106,000 people have signed up for obama care in its first month and operation across the country. --of operation. the obama administration says more than 26,000 american selected an insurance plan through the troubled health-care site. nearly 79,000 people signed up for coverage through state based exchanges. open
5:24 am
room at last there march 31st print we will take another short break.
5:25 am
5:26 am
5:27 am
four marines have been killed in a training accident at camp pendleton. it happened yesterday morning. the accident was during an operation to clear a range camp pendleton is on the coast of san diego county. the accident is being investigated - and the identities of the marines killed will not be released until their families have been notified.
5:28 am
watching wall street this morning doubt futures up slightly after yesterday's gains. the dow rose 70.3 to the nasdaq added 45. and the s&p 500 added 14. watching san jose based cisco systems. the company reported quarterly earnings. with a warning about bay drop and earnings ahead shares down 10%. opening bell today as 630. will have a complete traffic check at weather when we return.
5:29 am
5:30 am
-+ >> 4 welcome back. the time
5:31 am
is 5:30 a.m.. george's following a rally bed accident. >> they have made a lot of progress for this overturned big break. it was of the embankment pass highway 4 and before pinole valley road. kron 4 is on the scene to monitor. >> i think we probably need to slow down because you can see the cabinet is still on its side. they were able to move down slightly. right now you see a lot of auto trucks and chp is on the scene. there stating imitate them two hours may be longer. c h p has a another lane blocked. they continue to work on on this big red.
5:32 am
if i go back the other way and that is when you will start to see the issue. is this shows how far back to the backup expands. this is the on ramp from highway 4. as far as i can see the traffic is backed up on westbound 80 at is barely getting passed. people are coming by very slowly. >> the problem they're going have is that on the downhill side of the big rig, the top of it is pointing basically towards the freeway. that will not have no way to get all the other side to talk right. they will have a difficult time and they're going to have to drag this down even farther from the hill and they may have to detach it. >> i think you are absolutely right and you did
5:33 am
describe it well. have you been able to learn whether or not this trailer is loaded? >> that is a good question. i did not see a large load and i did check with the chp and they stated that they are not sure. they're born to talk to the driver more to see what is inside. as soon as they find out i will let you know. >> this backup is already reaching past highway 4 towards willow. if this is your commute interstate 680 south bond would be a better choice. you should be prepared for an extra heavy drive on 680. maligned we ar >> we are waking up to dense fog. the visibilities in some places is down to zero.
5:34 am
we're even seeing dense fog for portions of mountain view. we have a fog advisory for most of the bay area. as we head into the afternoon you can expect partly cloudy skies and the wind was start to pick up. cooler conditions and windy your patterns as we head into tomorrow. i will highlight the 7 day around the bay coming up. >> at 5:34 a.m. happening now power lines are now down after a van hit a hole on half way near eighth street. will tran is live a scene. >> right now i am in hayward just off of a street. this is just a quarter mile off of 880. the crew is still on the scene and they have been here since 1:30 a.m. after the driver slammed into the power pole. they stated that
5:35 am
this may be a case of a possible d.u.i.. the driver left the scene but he was caught. when this one got the power about 6000 people are in the dark. they jumped over a pg&e at about 5:00 a.m. there were only down to about 400. i just learned only 48 customers are still in the dark. they expect these 48 people to have their power restored by this afternoon. >> meantime, this is the traffic situation and the people will live or around here notice it because costco is right at this intersection there is a low hanging wire and they have delivery trucks coming and going and because this is their wait to enter and leave their stuck here, these trucks cannot go. they
5:36 am
are trying to get this wired up. the driver always suffered minor injuries. he was eventually arrested pripet >> we're following the latest from the thai fund that devastated the philippines. according to the philippine national risk reduction the management council, more than 2300 people are dead. under 3900 are injured. 77 people are still missing after the typhoon hit the country this past weekend. hundreds of thousands of others are lining up for food, water and supplies >> people of bombay area are gathering to remember the victims of a typhoon haiyan. last my 75 people took part
5:37 am
in a candlelight vigil in san jose outside the martin luther king the jr. library remembering those lost lives. >> some people are still stuck because they cannot go. people are not sure where or who should receive that information. there station here and they know where the release needs to go. they want to be a better service to the convincing. >> vigil organizers want people to remember that even though the typhoon is over, the crisis is not. people of the philippines still need a tremendous amount help. >> stay with kron4 for the latest of a typhoon and relief effort. we have pictures and ways that you can have on our website ed that information is also available on our news app. >> and a community march is
5:38 am
happening today in oakland to support sasha fleiscma chman, that 18 year-old who was set on fire on an ac transit bus. police said that the incident was a hate crime. the oakland education association is promoting the march which will begin at 5:30 p.m. at oakland high school. it will end at ardsley ave. marchers will wear bright colors imposed more ribbons along a stretch [ male annouer ] you can change your tomorrow if you do something toy. and there's never be a better te because this year, devry univerty has $45 million dolls in need and merit-base scholarships and gras available to those who quafy. and this degree can make a differenc in 201 90% of devry university grad actively seeking employmt
5:39 am
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it's a morning breeze smooth as black silk. with folgers gourmet selections k-cup packs you can turn any day gourmet rich roasts and flavors... available where you buy groceries.
5:41 am
>> welcome back. we are learning more about this a big rig that is on the side of interstate 80 westbound pass highway 4. this is the border of hercules and pinole. it is a loaded. it
5:42 am
has frozen food and that means that it will have to be uploaded before it can be more removed. >> rental prices and san francisco are expensive but now the city has of the highest median price. according to the census be your san francisco beat out new york. this is the second highest median and it is also in california in san jose. they pay on average $1,187. the report comes due to increase concerns about the high cost of living in san francisco. potentially
5:43 am
this will display is a lower in come residents through increased rent and evictions. >> there is frozen fold on the big red so this will take a walk. we will be back with the drive time in any of our hotspots.
5:44 am
5:45 am
♪ me d yo.. irarlli uarechocate... a ltle ndezus savor r luiousilli coinedith r sl melng ccola. ♪ that ttleewarfor l e thgs y do.♪ onlyrom irarlli.
5:46 am
>> welcome back. the time is 5:46 a.m.. >> on interstate 80 there are two lanes blocked pass highway 4 and 04 pinole valley road. this is at the hercules of border where the backup is still building in the westbound direction. this tractor trailer was overturned according to the driver after he swerved to avoid a vehicle who cut him off. he'd hit a abandoned car on the side of the road and he ended up flipping over. they have managed to
5:47 am
drag it partially down the hillside but this trailer is loaded with 20,000 lbs. of food. they have their hands full. that will have to take all this off before they can do this. they said it may take them the next two hours before they can do this. you can see how slow the traffic is moving and it was bad enough for just one lane being blocked but now you take two lanes away and this is a five lane stretch. you are talking about reducing the traffic more than 50%. this is really jamming up the ride. it is already backed up beyond willow. it may reach all the way to vallejo. >> here is where you see the slow drive and this would normally be 11 minutes from hercules to berkeley but it is now at 18 minutes in the westbound direction. the
5:48 am
drive time will continue to grow. this is the hot spot that we are tracking. there is other highway traffic jams but they're not as bad. >> what was the lighter traffic because so much will be held up on interstate 80. 92, the san mateo bridges just 11 minutes to foster city. the golden gate bridge is just a little foggy, and not a lot of company. like any easy. >> we will now go to the weather center. >> there is dense fog across this man sitting on the deck and the fog is much worse north of this camera shot. the visibility is at 3 tens of a mile for petaluma. we are experiencing a dense fog advisory for the entire
5:49 am
san francisco bay area. this is expected to expire at 9:00 a.m.. is to start to move out and we will hold on to low clouds until lunchtime. the temperatures will be cooler than what we enjoy it yesterday. as the right now we're off to a pretty mild start. 55 currently in oakland. as we take this into the afternoon we will have 60's and 70's. 68 degrees for sunnyvale and a degree warmer in campbell. 67 degrees for castro valley and downtown san francisco have a high of 64 degrees. >> i want to talk about the bigger weather story the marin layer that will bring low cloud cover to our area. it will be a dry cold front
5:50 am
by later on this afternoon. that will increase the gusty winds for the hills and along the coast. this will elevate our concerns for fire danger. waking up to very cold weather on friday morning and the inland spots won't climb to the '60s. saturday we may see raindrops' mainly along the coast and an increase in cloud cover. the temperatures will start to rebound as we head into next week. >> pan handlers in concord could soon face a fine and be charged with a misdemeanor for aggressive abating. of the city council unanimously approved a ban on aggressive panhandling.
5:51 am
aggressive panhandling targets people who are laureen outside of gross restores and other businesses. two major problem areas have been outside of food that max on clayton road and a safe way on will pass road. in the past year, the concord police say that they have received close to 2000 related costs. some 20% involved some sort of aggressive panhandling complaints. costa member say that the new ban is similar to a ordnances that were adopted in hayward, martinez and santa rosa. >> people who are aggressive when they approach to and they're basically in your face. >> the city council second and final vote on this ordnance and december. if adopted, they will go into effec jan.i in january.
5:52 am
>> (male annoucer): now here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> believe it or not there have been some changes to fisherman's wharf and i am not talking about the apple bees. if you have a streak that has been one direction for decades then you flip the script. it becomes a breeding ground for, all together, people behaving badly. >> now double yellow line there are new to jefferson but it has been around for years but apparently they are confusing. what is also confusing this thing, to me is a red arrow and that means no turn on red like this sign on this electric. >> if you operate an armed drug you know that the red
5:53 am
error appears to be a suggestion, and the same for this oakland taxicab, wait a minute and oakland taxi in san francisco? i smell an exclusive. >> followed quickly by a yellow taxi cab, this could be the next new the pond. oh i'm sorry, a duck pond means, there are so many violators that this could just sit here and this cop could just sit here and issue tickets. >> it is not just drivers, this is a cab that is on running a red light and the last time i checked there is no exemption for them. they run of stop signs to. >> but why not after all the other bicycle is run lights and stop signs and text of what they're writing. if you come to fisherman's wharf do
5:54 am
not get caught david bailey. >> even the port of san francisco workers are not exempt from behaving badly, issing said picking up trash bags require them to park opposite of the traffic. oh, and the dedicated transit lines are not for hop on pop of buses they are for the muni. you know one could say that these are torahs but after watching, most of these stores were behaving badly. >> one final note, did you know that they are giving away free gps is here, yeah up just a break, the glass, so please hydrous stuff. up just a break, the glass, so please hydrous stuff. i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now.
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5:57 am
>> some of the stores we have been working on. the latest on this major accident on westbound 80 in pinole and overturned a big red and a big problem for the morning commute. we will have complete details coming up. >> the troubles for the affordable care act continues. >> will also have the latest on the typhoon because the
5:58 am
philippines are trying to clean up. here in the bay area we are doing veterans to raise money. will have the very latest coming up.
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> top stories we're following a big rig accident could cause big delays for the morning commute. we'll have a live report coming up. >> top stories we're following this morning. >> power lines are down in hayward this morning. this has left people without electricity. we will have an update coming up. >> parents and students are what edge after an intruder at an el sobriety say


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